At Kokko Eventos we offer you the most complete bar rental service to make your day the most special. Simply let yourself be guided by our professional decoration team who will be in charge of personalizing your event down to the smallest detail, offering their advice and experience to make your wedding day the most special.

Bar counter rental. The superstar of your party.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever arrived to an event and not immediately located the bar counter at a glance. That’s where the magic of those special conversations between friends begins that will fill your venue with laughter. This is where your moment begins. That is why you need our bar counter rental service, since the most candid and relaxed moments occur around it. It’s where the magic is.

Our mobile bars are fully customizable, with everything tailored to your needs. They can be adapted to any type of event, celebration or meeting. Choose the size, color, shape and style. You are the star here.

The most original bar counters

Plan your open bar, and serve your guests a variety of soft drinks, special cocktails or any type of drink you want to be featured. Placed near the dance floor or a lounge area, it will be everyone’s favorite at the party.

We have the best selection of original bar counters at Kokko Eventos, you just have to tell us your preferences and our team will get down to work to create your personalized bar counter for your party. Whether you like traditional weddings, or if you want to customize it based on a specific theme.

Complete your bar with the rest of our decoration elements

Like our LED umbrellas or traditional light bulbs, our stools, candle bowls, umbrellas or sphere oil lamps with or without stands.

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If you can imagine it, we can make it possible.