Make your evening the most special with our complete decoration hire service.

At Kokko Eventos we are specialized in decoration rental for any type of event. Among the services we offer, we must highlight with particular importance our wedding decoration hire service. We turn your romantic union into an unforgettable event for your guests. But above all… for you.

The stars of our story.

We offer at your disposal our wide catalog made up of different resources that you may need when organizing your event. Our bar rental stands out. It’s ideal to complete your event with that special touch. There can be no celebration without something to drink, right? And what if we talk about our dance floors? We don’t know anyone who says no to a good dance. We also offer our best tent structures, so you can accommodate your guests and they don’t have to stay out in the open. Are you getting married? Our teepee structures will transport you to a fantasy tale, surrounded by the magic of our lighting. You can’t miss anything from our catalog, nothing compares!

Our team of professionals will take care of the transport, assembly and disassembly of all our items, so you’ll only have to worry about enjoying yourself. And remember that if you do not find something you are searching for on our website, we will manufacture it especially for your event. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Make a winning bet and leave it to Kokko Eventos!

alquiler de barra bar madera

WEDDING DECORATION RENTAL: BAR COUNTER, for your most exclusive get-togethers

It’s one of the main entertainment features that will mark a before and after for your celebration. It will certainly not go unnoticed and for some, it will be the life of the party. You must already know what we’re talking about. Our friend the bar counter!

Our decoration rental service will be sure to impress you. And as a starter, our mobile bars are totally personalized.

If you need a blue and pink bar, we can get it for you. If you need a vintage bar, we can get it for you. And if you need a bar in a specific size, don’t worry, we can definitely get it for you. Don’t leave your guests thirsty, serve them an assortment of cocktails, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. Variety and choice for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you dance reggaeton, bachata, classical music or flamenco. Here comes someone looking to have fun, and that’s what really matters!

Position it strategically near the dance floor and your guests will thank you later. There is nothing like dancing for hours then going to the bar to drink something refreshing. And of course, going back to the dance floor to give it everything you’ve got.

Tell us what your idea is, how you want to organize the different elements, and we will fully advise you. Not sure where to place it in your venue? We’ll take care of putting it in just the right place. For example, near the dance floor or a lounge area. Has all this talk of drinks and dancing left you wanting more?

TEEPEE STRUCTURE RENTAL, get transported to another world

We love to cast a spell on guests. We love making them feel like they’re in another place, to see their eyes light up and that they can’t resist letting a smile escape.

From our wedding decoration rental catalog, we must highlight our teepee structures. They are modular, so you can join more than one, depending on the size of your gala. You just have to choose the number of people each one can hold. Their size is six meters by six meters and seven meters high, so a space of thirty-six square meters is needed to correctly place each teepee. And weather will be the least of your problems, because our structures are resistant to wind, cold and rain.

We’re certainly not afraid of an unexpected thunderstorm!

They are designed to be placed outdoors and their structure gives them the shape and size you imagine. And what is even more charming? Well, you can decorate the interior with all the elements that you can find in our catalog.

Think of good lighting, good furniture in line with the style of the event and some bamboo panels to give them a more natural touch.

If you are looking for something simpler among our wedding decoration rental services, we recommend that you visit our tent rental section. There, you can find different types of tents designed to suit your needs. Stretch and organic tents, bamboo structures, hexagonal structures and shade sails. We have tents measuring up to 1,400 square meters.

tipis para bodas eventos en piscina
carpa cuadrada bambu

SQUARE CANOPY RENTAL, a truly elegant option

You can’t leave our square structure off of your list. If you are looking to differentiate various areas of your event venue, then this structure is your best choice. Its wooden posts and white fabric will give your venue its very own charm. It consists of a structure supported by 4 bamboo poles. Its dimensions are 4 meters high by 4 meters wide, and always in a beautiful white color!

Perfect to be placed in green environments, combine it with our furniture and lighting rental to achieve an exquisite and elegant atmosphere.

It is the perfect place for a gathering of friends or an intimate celebration, or a chic lounge space. It conveys a relaxed and comfortable environment. Choose one of our chandelier lamps to elegantly illuminate the structure.

And you’re not going to leave your guests standing all the time, right? Complete your structure with our furniture rental, we have furniture adapted to every occasion. Looking for something classic? Our Casa Blanca style furniture will meet all your expectations. Something more original and colorful? Without a doubt, our Kenya style furniture will be your favorite. But of course, if you’re searching for something more ecological and rustic, you won’t be able to pass up our bamboo furniture.

Ask our wedding decoration rental team about our hexagonal structure of up to 210 square meters. It is a hexagonal central structure from which 6 wooden arms radiate out. You’ll be able to lay out all the elements of your celebration in it without any issues.

BOAT SAIL STRUCTURE RENTAL, the party starts here

It is impossible not to stop and admire for a few moments these splendid structures that simulate the sails of a ship. Our sail structures are perfect for separating large spaces. Efficiently demarcate the different areas of ​​your event venue in a way that is totally out of the ordinary.

Our boat structures will really steal the show when you combine them with our specially designed lighting.

Enjoy up to 40 square meters of space for your celebration. Their white color will undoubtedly make the lighting design the life of the party. Not sure about the type of lighting? At Kokko Eventos we have a wide variety, tell us your idea and our creative team will devise a plan.

Looking for something that occupies much more space? We have it! Our elastic shade sails shade a space of up to 500 square meters. And you can choose between white or beige. These canopies have a triangular shape, made of a micro-perforated material. Their clamping system allows us to use trees and other components such as columns to assemble the installation. Since they can also create round and oval figures, they generate shade in a completely unique way.

Does your venue feature a pool or lake? You are going to love this!

In our catalog, we have floating lighting for pools or lakes, something that can’t be missed and that will make all your guests sure to remember that special day. Do you have trees nearby? Decorate them with lights of all different options!

Vela Barco alquiler
alquiler decoración bodas pista de baile

DANCE FLOOR RENTAL, don’t stop the rhythm

Wondering how to instantly liven up the party? We’ll help to bring you that special feeling with our amazing dance floors! Yes, yes, you can rent a dance floor exclusively for your celebration. How does that sound?

Our hexagonal wooden dance floor has an average of forty square meters. But at Kokko Eventos we specially design your dance floor while following the aesthetics of the rest of the elements you use for your event. Only the best of the best!

And don’t forget to combine your dance floor with our lighting and one of our tents. What if we also strategically place a bar counter nearby? We think of everything! We recommend our hexagonal structure to round out this entertainment area. It will surely be one of the favorite spaces for your guests.

After so much dancing, your guests will probably want to have a rest. Offer only the best quality and comfort with our event furniture sets. You can choose between Colonial, Bamboo, Kenya or Casa Blanca styles, all with their own charm and uniqueness. With our Colonial and Bamboo furniture you can choose sets for 30, 45 or 60 people. While with our Kenya and Casablanca furniture, you will have at your disposal sets for 26, 39 and 52 people. Leave no one standing!

We offer totally personalized consulting, whether it be for a wedding, a music festival, a sporting event or business event. Your event is our event!


Each year, there are around 163,430 weddings in Spain. But we want your wedding to be unique and the most special of them all, not just one more in the crowd. We want your wedding to be… the wedding!

So you should absolutely add these letters made of reclaimed ship wood that spell the word LOVE. They measure two meters high by 6 meters wide and will most definitely attract the attention of all your friends and family. Who could resist taking a selfie?

Place them near an area of trees or close to a dance or cocktail space. The possibilities are endless!

Maybe you are looking for something more romantic for your occasion? Our favorites are the white sphere oil lamps, with or without stands. Great for surrounding the area or simulating a path from the letters to the different areas of the venue.

But that’s not all. At Kokko Eventos we offer a wide variety of decorative items such as our crystal vase chandeliers, an essential piece when celebrating your wedding. And should we mention our ivory umbrellas with details? You can place them wherever you prefer and they are sure to combine perfectly with the rest of your elements. And who can say no to a good bamboo panel? Give your event a natural touch or use them to separate different areas to your liking.

alquiler decoración bodas letras love
decoracion mesas bodas


It may seem silly, but even the smallest detail can be the most significant during an event. Don’t risk it, and trust Kokko Eventos with providing the highest quality wooden tables.

Our tables are made of natural teak, and we cannot stop talking about the excellent properties of teak wood. It offers exceptional resistance for outdoor use, impermeability and impressive hardness as its strong points. And let’s not forget that thanks to its limited moisture absorption, it resists deformations.

Isn’t that impressive?

In our wedding decoration rental catalog you can choose between round or rectangular teak tables. Both are reddish in color, with a robust design and a unique warmth that only this type of wood can provide. If you opt for the round-shaped model, its diameter is 1.70 meters, and it is ideal for eleven people. While if you opt for the rectangular-shaped model, its dimensions are 1 meter by 2.5 meters, with capacity for 10 people.

Just imagine our teak wood tables set in an incredible hexagonal structure, optimally illuminated and decorated with beautiful flower arrangements. Our amazing team, specialized in decorating weddings, events and engagements, will advise you on all the best combinations.

At Kokko Eventos we work exclusively so that your event is of the highest quality. Not finding decoration that perfectly fits your project? Well, this certainly isn’t the end of your search. Here you will find the wedding decoration rental you were looking for.

Tell us your expectations and we will take care of exceeding them. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with all of our latest projects and ideas!