Your tent rental in the best hands in the industry

At Kokko Eventos we are leaders in organizing and decorating all kinds of events, in addition to being specialists in tent rental. We are always focused on customer satisfaction and the success of the event is our main objective. We are prepared to offer our most complete decoration catalogs so that absolutely nothing is missing from your celebration.

Our tents are your best choice if you are going to hold your event outdoors. You will surprise your guests while at the same time keeping them protected from possible weather changes. Even if your event is at night, everything will be shining beautifully.

Do you want to have your wedding on a beach? Your company lunch? A private concert? We are prepared! Our tents are ideal for both the beach and the countryside. We work to eliminate any and all limitations when it comes to organizing your special day. Entrust your tent rental to our team, ready and waiting for action when you need it. We can create different styles and aesthetics depending on the taste of your guests, or whichever you personally prefer.

Don’t forget to complete your tents with the rest of our star components. As we offer rental services for furniture, lighting or decoration, we are here for you!

carpas beduinas elásticas


Aim for the highest

How could we not start with our beloved Bedouin tents? They are the stars of the party and no one seems to disagree! Ideal to make your party truly original so that no one will forget it. For starters, did you know why they are called Bedouin tents? They have this name because they are reminiscent of the tents used by the Bedouins (nomads who live in the deserts of Iraq, Syria, Jordan…) to protect themselves from inclement weather. They offer 100% waterproof protection against rain and UV rays.

You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, colors and designs, always adapted to the type of event you are looking to organize. Are you concerned about how your Bedouin tent can be adapted to the terrain where you want to hold your celebration? Not a problem! These tents adapt to any type of terrain, so don’t be afraid of those uneven areas. Plus, you can make it the size you need, depending on how many guests will attend.

Your event starts with the basics. A good tent.

Are you looking for another type of tent that best suits your needs? In our catalog you will find flexible and stretch tents that fully adapt to the environment where you will be holding your event. Do you have doubts? Our personalized consulting will provide you with the best option depending on your number of guests and the budget you want to dedicate to your event. We always adapt to you.

Remember that at Kokko Eventos we only offer tent rentals with quality materials that ensure the greatest safety for your attendees. Break the mold of all the standard solutions usually seen in events and weddings. Craft an exclusive and elegant space, but with a touch of simplicity.

And don’t worry about assembly and disassembly. Our team will take care of it quickly and effectively so that your experience is hassle-free. We set up the tent and disassemble it at the end of your event.


a new generation

For your party, we suggest our incredible stretch tents. Being elastic, they adapt without any inconvenience, since their canvases can generate different forms in the same place, resulting in a unique, elegant and exclusive space. The size and shape is up to you, depending on the space you have. Their bamboo posts provide a pleasant rustic appearance.

Like the previous tents, our tensioned tents are one hundred percent waterproof and are prepared to withstand the most intense rain or hail.

Hosting your event on a day with intense sun? Celebrate in summer if you feel like it!

Thanks to its thickness and weight, the canvas generates a practically opaque shade. Your guests will surely appreciate this super protective material, since the shade it produces is very cool. Don’t let the heat ruin your event.

The atmosphere you want to create, only with Kokko Eventos.

Make your celebration that much more special with our great lighting rental, completely customized to the style of your event. Tell us your idea or let our creative team make you a proposal. We have a wide variety of lighting elements to turn your event into a unique space: umbrellas with LED strips, hanging lamps, light-up signs…

Visit our lighting section and start creating your dream design.

carpas organicas tensadas
Toldos vela en jardin


Ideal for natural environments

It is impossible not to fall in love with these structures when attending an outdoor event. Organize your cocktail outing in spring or summer, and these shade sails will provide you with the shade you need. And, their aesthetics perfectly complement any environment. Thanks to their clamping system and versatility, their assemblies can be integrated with trees and columns, creating a special atmosphere in a garden or any natural environment. We always adapt to the space and needs of our clients.

Their micro-perforated material allows us to create round or oval shapes. In addition, you can create large spaces with style and personality, since we can generate structures of up to two hundred square meters. No one will be left out!

And what would these shades be without excellent furniture and decoration that brings out their full potential? At Kokko Eventos we offer our elegant furniture sets to give you that special touch that your shade sails need.

Our Casa Blanca furniture is perfect for events with a classic and timeless style. Achieve an elegant, neutral aesthetic that will impress your guests. Its mauve tones combine perfectly with events and weddings at sunset. Or perhaps you are looking for natural linen fabrics with black colors and prints. If you are searching for something daring that will add excitement to your space, then your event furniture set must be our Kenyan style. Perhaps something more natural? Then our bamboo furniture will satisfy all your wishes. With its ecological and rustic aesthetics, it is the perfect furniture for events held during summer.

Don’t miss your chance to check the availability of our high-quality teak woods to serve your guests. Our flower arrangements, specially designed for these tables, will be sure to attract the attention of all your diners.


Elegance in simplicity

Explore our photo gallery of bamboo structures and you will fall in love with their simple elegance. You won’t need much more to impress your guests. But, as always at Kokko Eventos, we love to go the extra mile. These structures are supported by bamboo poles and light white fabric, which allows them to be closed on the sides, creating a sensuous vault.

The perfect natural touch for your event!

This is our favorite canopy for outdoor events. We use indirect lighting around the perimeter of the structure to provide a warm touch. Their size can cover up to two hundred square meters. With those dimensions no one will be left off the guest list! They provide shade, but are not wind resistant.

We invite you to visit our lighting section, as we are proud to provide you with the best lighting rental service in the market. A picture is worth a thousand words. Get excited and start imagining your event using our photo gallery as inspiration, to start generating ideas for your own event. You’ll discover that we have a wide range of lighting to decorate all types of locations. Lighting for tents, trees, lakes or swimming pools. Or our technical lighting, which allows you to mark perimeters and add vibrancy to your spaces without taking anything away from the environment.

Finish off your celebration with the best selection of decoration rental options, perfect for weddings, parties, concerts, private meetings, etc. For example, our bamboo panels are ideal for separating or differentiating areas with a natural touch. Is it an engagement or wedding? Then our extra-large LOVE letters will be perfect to decorate your space. Made with reclaimed ship wood and measuring two meters high by six meters wide, they are a fun and stylish addition for your guests to take pictures at this impromptu photocall.

Estructura carpa Bambú jardin
Estructura hexagonal con pista de baile


The only big party of the year

With an innovative and attractive design, forget your preconceived notions about outdoor celebrations. Break with traditional and start a new trend in event planning. Our hexagonal structure is completely open. It is the structure you are looking for if you are planning to hold an event with a large number of guests, since it is able to cover a large space that averages up to two hundred and ten square meters. Plenty of space for everyone…

Six bamboo arms come out from its hexagonal structure, giving your event the enchanting and natural atmosphere it needs. It also provides shade on the hottest days thanks to its white fabric canopy.

If you give us the honor, we will make your party a great success! Guaranteed!

Forget about installation and disassembly, since our team will quickly, accurately and safely install your tents and later disassemble and collect them with the same attention to detail. Maximum comfort and enjoyment for your guests.

But there’s more! What if we told you that you can place an incredible dance floor in the center of your hexagonal structure? Isn’t that spectacular? Your own dance floor to dance until sunrise. And we wouldn’t want to leave you wanting more, in fact our goal is to give you everything and much more, so complete your grand party with a fantastic bar counter, to serve your guests today’s trendiest cocktails.

Don’t worry about the lighting, because our team of specialists will turn your space into a top-notch production using all the options in our rental service. An illuminated ceiling with rattan lamps, strings of lights and hanging details, perimeter aerial lighting, umbrellas with LED strips or classic bulbs, pinspot lights.