Immerse yourself in the charm and magic of having a beach wedding. From the legal requirements to the use of marquees to shield you from the sun, here you will find all the essentials to make your dream of a seaside wedding come true.


Legal Procedures for Getting Married on the Beach

To celebrate a beach wedding in Spain, it is essential to comply with the established legal requirements. The following are the steps to follow:

Legal Requirements in Spain

  • Ensure you have the necessary documentation, such as ID or passport, literal birth and single status certificates, residence card (if applicable), and registration.
  • Go to the Civil Registry to submit the marriage application and reserve the desired date for the beach ceremony.
  • Obtain the corresponding permission from local authorities to hold the wedding in a public space like the beach.

Alternatives in Case of Failure to Obtain Permits

  • In case complications arise in obtaining the necessary permits for a beach wedding, there are alternatives to consider:
  • Opt for a symbolic ceremony on the beach, without legal validity, and formalize the marriage elsewhere.
  • Look for options for private beachfront venues that do not require additional authorization to hold the wedding.

Consult with a professional experienced in beach weddings to explore creative solutions tailored to the circumstances.


Choosing the Perfect Venue for the Beach Wedding

In planning a beach wedding, selecting the venue is crucial to creating the ideal atmosphere for this special event. Here are the factors to consider and tips for choosing the perfect site:

Factors to Consider

  • Geographical location and accessibility for guests.
  • Capacity and available space for the ceremony and reception.
  • Landscape and natural environment that fits the desired style.

Tips for the Ideal Selection

  • Visit different beaches and conduct prior inspections to assess their suitability.
  • Check local regulations and obtain the necessary permits to hold the event on the chosen beach.
  • Choose a venue that offers basic services such as bathrooms, electricity, and parking.


Organization of the Celebration by the Sea

Organizing a beach wedding requires meticulous planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly. From the ceremony to the banquet, every detail must be carefully coordinated to create an unforgettable event.

Planning the Ceremony and Banquet

  • Choose the right timing to take advantage of natural light and the sunset.
  • Consider seating arrangements for optimal ocean views.
  • Select a fresh and light menu that suits the beach atmosphere.
  • Decide on decor styles that complement the maritime setting.

Coordination with Suppliers and Staff

  • Maintain constant communication with the catering team to adjust the service to the environment’s needs.
  • Coordinate with the photographer and videographer to capture the most special moments by the sea.
  • Ensure the presence of a wedding coordinator to manage all logistical details.


Appropriate Attire for a Beach Wedding

In a beach wedding, choosing the right attire is essential to look comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. Here are some tips for both brides and grooms:

  • Brides: Opt for lightweight and airy fabrics like linen or chiffon for your dress. Simple and flowing cuts are ideal for the beach. Consider short or cocktail-style dresses for informal weddings.
  • Grooms: Go for linen or cotton suits in light colors like beige or light blue. Linen shirts and espadrilles are an elegant and comfortable choice for the groom at a beach wedding.


Tips for Maintaining Temperature at a Beach Wedding

Solutions for Warm or Cold Climates

  • In warm climates, provide adequate shade for guests during the ceremony and banquet. Lightweight tents or canopies can be installed. Offering personalized fans or umbrellas is also a refreshing option.
  • For cold climates, consider providing blankets or shawls to keep guests comfortable.

Recommendations for Guest Comfort

  • Maintain clear communication with guests about the weather forecast so they can prepare accordingly.
  • Offer refreshing drinks in warm climates and hot beverages in cold climates.
  • Ensure that portable restrooms are available and in good condition.
  • Set up stations with sunscreen and insect repellent for everyone’s comfort.

Solutions Offered by Kokko Events

  • Outdoor Event Tents: The beach can be unpredictable, so it’s best to cover the space with a sturdy and high-quality tent, while still being elegant and sophisticated. At Kokko Events, we rent tents in various designs.
  • Sail Tents: Ideal structures for the cocktail hour. Sail tents provide shade while still giving the feeling of being outdoors.
  • Lighting: If the wedding is at sunset, lighting options like LED light strips, large hanging lamps, or giant LOVE signs are essential for creating a magical nighttime ambiance by the sea.
  • Decoration: Outdoor weddings have a different and more natural type of decoration than indoor ones. At Kokko Events, we provide you with all the details to create the perfect atmosphere.
  • Furniture: Depending on your chosen style and personal preferences, we offer a catalog of different styles of event and wedding furniture.


Protocol for Beach Weddings

Behavior and Rules to Follow

When planning a beach wedding, it’s important to consider certain behaviors and rules that will help the celebration unfold harmoniously and respectfully.

Consider the logistics for dismantling and cleaning the beach area after the event, respecting the environment and leaving the place in good condition. It’s essential to respect the natural surroundings, avoiding leaving trash or causing damage to the beach.

Management of Unexpected Situations

In the event of unforeseen circumstances during a beach wedding, it’s important to have a contingency plan in place to ensure that the celebration proceeds smoothly.

  • It’s advisable to have an emergency kit on hand with items such as a basic first aid kit, insect repellent, and sunscreen.
  • In case of sudden changes in weather, having tents or umbrellas can be very useful to protect the guests.
  • For unexpected situations, such as delays in the arrival of vendors, it’s advisable to remain calm and seek alternative solutions quickly and efficiently.


Planning a beach wedding requires attention to detail and careful organization. From legal procedures to event logistics and guest comfort, every aspect is important. With the help of experts like Kokko Events, your special day on the coast will be everything you’ve dreamed of and more.