We are not simply leaders in wedding tent rentals, but also leaders in the wedding and event planning sector. At Kokko Eventos we are specialists in creating curated environments for dream events. Either with our material rental or our 360 service comprised of various elements such as lighting, decoration and furniture, we are a company, located in the city of Tarifa, that organizes and decorates all kinds of events throughout all of Andalusia.

We differentiate ourselves by offering quality, elegance and exquisite taste in all our projects. Our team will be responsible for exceeding your expectations so that you can savor an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

Your adventure starts here

Now that you have chosen the stage where your event will take place, it’s time to take the next step. Choosing the right tent. The one you need depends on the place where your event will be located, the number of guests and the season. Will it be summer? Winter? It is one of the key considerations in order for us to recommend the best option, since our selection of tents have different features that can shade your guests on a very hot day, or protect them from cold and rain on a winter afternoon.

We’re ready for all kinds of events! Our tents are prepared for your wedding, for your company lunch, private concert or birthday. Customer satisfaction and the success of the event is always our most important goal. We’ll do whatever it takes!

In our wedding and events catalog, you’ll discover our best models of tents. Bedouin tents, stretch tents, shade sails, bamboo structures and hexagonal structures. All our tents are equally special, plus some stand out for their fantastic protection against inclement weather such as rain or UV rays. Are you concerned about the terrain of your venue? Not to worry, our tents adapt to any type of terrain so any kind of irregularity doesn’t have to put a limit on your ideas or ability to celebrate your party. With our totally personalized consulting, we will provide you with all the necessary information to choose the perfect tent for your venue. Eager to have everything perfect? Leave it in our hands and you just worry about enjoying the moment.

Why choose us?

Simply because we are committed to your event. We make it our own and will make it a success down to the smallest detail. And one of the fundamental elements to achieve that goal is our lighting, capable of transforming uninspiring spaces into unparalleled magical destinations for unforgettable galas.

We have a wide variety of lighting elements, adapted to any corner that needs a unique touch to distinguish it from the rest. Our large tree decorations for dance or cocktail areas will leave you speechless. Light up your tables with our elegant brass lamps, or use our rattan lamps to give them a more natural style.

Our chandelier lamps are always a hit among the guests of any type of celebration. They add class and elegance on the tables at any kind of celebration.

Do you need inspiration? Visit our lighting section to start imagining your dream event.

Small details with big importance

Your evening can be even more special thanks to our complete decoration rental for weddings and events. Our catalog will leave you feeling inspired. You can choose from a dance floor to a fully customized bar counter for your event.

We have teak wood tables of the highest quality, to gather your guests to enjoy a meal together at a first-class table. With a reddish color, they are a robust design element that offer a unique warmth. Combine them with one of our structures. You can choose between our square structures, perfect for gatherings with friends, or our hexagonal structures. Are you searching for something even more spectacular? We have it for you! Our teepee structures combine originality and surprise all together. Place them near a pool and with the right lighting, you will create an unforgettable setting.

If you are planning to celebrate a marriage, we have our extra-large LOVE letters just for you. They can practically be seen from outer space! It will be a key decoration element for your venue, perfect for decorating and also useful as a photocall for your guests. Place them next to the entrance so that as soon as your guests arrive, they can take selfies and start enjoying the celebration.

Comfortable furniture, happy guests

We are reaching the final stretch. There is nothing more important than high-quality, comfortable and elegant furniture for your event. What would happen if your guests couldn’t relax comfortably on some armchairs or sofas scattered around your venue? It would be a real shame! That is why all our furniture lines stand out for the softness of their cushions and the durability of their wood

Additionally, our furniture lines offer so much variety that we are sure to have the perfect set for your celebration. Want to know more? We are happy to elaborate! For the most energetic and daring hosts, our Kenya style, with its colorful, original and stylish prints, will be sure to fulfill your every wish. Or our Casa Blanca style, perfect for events with a classic and timeless air. It is neutral and elegant and will catch everyone’s attention without being pretentious. For a more natural look, our Bamboo style event furniture creates a more ecological and rustic aesthetic, but without losing the characteristic elegance of all our furniture lines. It is ideal for events that take place during the summer.

We only work with professionals, and that is why our team is specialized to give you the best service. We take care of the transport, assembly and disassembly of all the elements required for your celebration, always guaranteeing total security with all our structures and the best post-event service.

Make a difference with Kokko Eventos.

Do you have questions? Contact us free of obligation and tell us about your project. We have an ample catalog perfect for any event. We adapt to your needs and offer an array of options.

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