Organizing a team building event is essential for strengthening workplace relationships and enhancing team productivity. These activities, whether in-person or virtual, boost collaboration and motivation among employees. Companies have access to specialized agencies offering integral services for the planning and executing of customized events.

What Types of Activities to Carry Out?

The activities at a Team Building event can range from simple games to more complex challenges requiring collaboration and strategy. Some ideas include:

  • Trust-building games: Activities that promote trust among team members, such as the trust fall or controlled free fall.
  • Collaboration games: Exercises where team members must work together to achieve a common goal, like building a tower with limited materials or completing a giant puzzle.
  • Outdoor activities: trips, sports competitions, or orientation challenges that promote teamwork while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Creative activities: Art workshops, theatrical improvisation, or building activities with Legos that stimulate creativity and problem-solving as a team.


In-Person Team Building Event Activities

In-person team building activities provide a unique opportunity to strengthen cohesion and teamwork within an organization. These dynamics allow employees to interact in a direct way and develop key skills for efficient team functioning.

Benefits of Team Activities

  • Promote effective communication among team members.
  • Build trust and empathy among collaborators.
  • Stimulate creativity and problem-solving collectively.

Selection of Spaces for In-Person Team Building

The choice of venue for in-person team building activities is crucial for the success of these dynamics. It’s important to select an environment that fosters interaction among participants and allows activities to be carried out comfortably and safely.

  • On-site facilities: If there’s enough space available, many team building activities can be conducted on the company’s premises. An example of an indoor activity could be an escape room challenge, where team members work together to solve puzzles and escape from a room within a time limit.
  • Outdoor spaces: Parks, sports fields, or recreational centers provide a natural setting for outdoor activities. For an outdoor event, an option could be an orienteering race competition, where teams navigate through a natural area using maps and compasses to find checkpoints.
  • Event centers: Places specifically designed for hosting events, offering both indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • Specialized facilities: Some companies offer team building programs that include access to specialized facilities, such as high ropes courses or obstacle courses.

Theming of Spaces for Team Building Events

Theming of spaces for team building events can add a playful and motivating element to the activities. The decoration and ambiance of the venue can contribute to creating an environment favorable to teamwork and collaboration among participants.



Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual team building events offer an innovative alternative to strengthen relationships within a team, even at a distance. Through technology, it’s possible to create a collaborative and motivating environment that encourages interaction among members:

Advantages of Virtual Team Activities

  • Flexible scheduling to participate from any location.
  • Stimulates creativity by adapting to virtual environments.
  • Promotes the inclusion of all team members regardless of distance.

Interactive Video-Call Activities

Interactive video call activities are an excellent way to maintain connection and engagement among colleagues. Through virtual dynamics, games, challenges, and exercises that foster teamwork:

  • Instant feedback to reinforce communication.
  • Creating an environment of collaboration and mutual support.
  • Encouraging healthy and constructive competitiveness.

Streaming for Virtual Team Building Events

Streaming for events allows real-time transmission of team building activities that can involve all team members simultaneously. This modality offers the possibility to:

  • Participate in real-time challenges with immediate feedback.
  • Promote interaction and group cohesion through technology.
  • Adapt activities to the needs and preferences of each team.



Professional Organization of Team Building Events

The organization of team building events requires a professional approach to ensure the success of the activity and achieve the established goals. In this regard, having specialized agencies in team building can make a difference in the quality of the event and the satisfaction of the participants.

Specialized Agencies in Team Building

  • Specialized agencies in team building offer integral services for the planning and execution of customized activities. 
  • These agencies have a team of professionals ready to design unique experiences that promote collaboration and motivation in work teams.

Planning and Execution of Customized Activities

The planning and execution of customized activities are essential to adapt the team building event to the needs and preferences of each organization. Specialized agencies work closely with clients to design a tailored program that achieves desired objectives.

  • Prior meetings are conducted with the client to understand their expectations and define key elements to be included in the event.
  • Detailed planning of activities, logistics, and coordination of resources are fundamental aspects to ensure the smooth development of the event.


Organizing Team Building events is crucial for strengthening workplace relationships and enhancing productivity in work teams, fostering collaboration and effective communication. At Kokko Eventos, we offer integral services ranging from planning to execution of corporate and various types of events, with a specialized team dedicated to designing personalized and memorable experiences.

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