Discover, free of obligation, our highest-quality furniture available for your events. We offer teak wood wedding table rental, a resistant material for all types of outdoor settings, which will also give your venue the special touch it deserves.

Different types of tables for weddings according to the setting.

At Kokko Eventos we also give you the added value of our flower arrangements. Surely, you’ll agree with us that beautiful flowers strategically placed on tables can radically change the appearance of the whole space.

Also be sure to consult our furniture rental, where you will find four types: colonial, VIP, integral and basic. Each one is designed by our team of professionals and is distinctly unique for each type of event.

Our bamboo furniture will give you a more ecological and rustic aesthetic, without losing the elegance embodied by all our designs. It’s perfect if your event takes place during the day or in summer. Or maybe you are looking for a more exotic style, with furniture that is patterned, colorful and original. Then surely our Kenya style furniture is right for you.

Our wedding tables are designed to be comfortable and at the correct height according to the needs of the occasion. Whether you need high tables for a cocktail hour before the main event, or wide and low tables to be able to talk intimately in whatever environment you choose, with our various styles of furniture and lighting.

Leave it in the hands of our professional decorators who will offer you the best solutions, adapted to your needs and budget.

We create unique environments for your party. Contact us now!