We cannot forget about it. The square canopy is the star of many of our events throughout Andalusia. This square-shaped structure is specially designed to divide different environments and areas of your event. Thanks to its wooden posts and white fabric, it will help you achieve a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

You can separate the dance floor from a waiting area for guests, or a children’s area from a cocktail area. The possibilities with this structure are endless.

The square canopy is a magical space just for you

We give it a special touch thanks to some small details. Those are the ones that count, like colors, lighting, flowers, furniture, etc.

And as an extra addition, we can provide warmth and an intimate atmosphere with our garlands of light bulbs or teardrop lamps, creating a magical corner where your guests can chat calmly and relaxed amongst themselves.

We are convinced that we can make your dreams come true, we want to exceed your expectations and create the dream venue that you deserve.

Espacio ideal

Este tipo de carpas es genial para un espacio más íntimo donde poder charlar con amigos mientras tomáis algo.

Without a doubt, this type of canopy is perfect for any kind of space separated from the rest, for example, we can create a lounge environment near the main tent.

Our team of decoration experts will study the event venue and will generate a proposal for the area, with possible alternatives for where to locate tents according to the client’s preferences.

For a wedding, if the event area is very large, we can separate spaces so that children are in one area, while adults can enjoy themselves with greater tranquility.

In Andalusia, where the weather is unbeatable, we can’t miss out on the opportunity to hold an outdoor event where we can celebrate with family and friends. Call us and let us advise you.

Square canopies are perfect for events on hot days

Without a doubt, our square canopies are designed for all kinds of events. They have a tall structure that allows air to pass through, even while protecting us from the sun’s rays. No event or party can resist. If you have any questions or want to see how square canopies from Kokko Eventos would look installed at your event, just get in touch and we will be happy to explain the entire procedure.