Do you have an event on your hands and you’re not sure what type of tent you need? Well, we have a clear idea for you. Your best bet is our shade sail rental, a uniquely original structure that offers different finishes that can always be adapted to your needs. Sounds interesting, right?

We have the best shade sails, practical, adaptable and versatile in any situation. Whether your celebration takes place in a garden, a terrace or the top floor of a building, you tell us where and we’ll take care of making it a reality. At Kokko Eventos we want to guide you in the best way possible, and that is why we offer a wide catalog to plan your event, from all kinds of tents to the most exclusive decoration.

What are the characteristics of our shade sails models for rent?

These shade sails are striking due to their triangle shape, simulating the sail of a ship. Made with micro-perforated synthetic fabric, they are very effective in generating shade, especially for celebrations that take place outdoors during the day. But don’t worry, because if your event is held at night, our shade sail models can also be for you, plus they are ideal for avoiding humidity once the sun goes down.

Thanks to their original shape, they allow us to generate very creative and unique structures, creating a unique space for the enjoyment of your guests. Your event will be the most special of all!

Great benefits

Their main benefit? They are perfect for shading, and thanks to their fastening systems and versatility, they can be assembled with trees and columns, perfectly blending in with their surroundings (gardens, terraces or other venues where the reception or event is held).

Regarding their dimensions, we should clarify that this structure has an individual area of up to 11 square meters. However, at Kokko Eventos, we can join several pieces together to create structures of up to 200 square meters. Plus, you can choose between two colors: white and beige. We use masts to make assemblies with round and oval shapes.

An essential guest

You cannot forget this guest at your celebration. Surely it would be a mistake to leave them off the guest list!

We have a wide variety of elements to turn your venue into a unique and exclusive space. Something never seen before!

Lighting is a fundamental element on our list when planning an event. We distinguish ourselves by the quality and taste of the lighting we use in all types of spaces. Create your dream event with very little.

Our perimeter aerial lighting is perfect if your event will take place on a stage, with plenty of space between different areas.

If there is a pool or lake at the event venue, we have the best floating lighting to give it that unique special touch. Our ceilings with LED strips and chandelier lamps will be your best option to light up the table area. And don’t forget about trees, as we can decorate large trees for dance or cocktail areas. Everything can be personalized for your celebration.

And the decoration?

No matter if it is for a company cocktail, a ceremony or a lounge event with friends, we want to provide you with everything you need to make your event a sure success. We know that the terrain and space is important, but the decoration is what will leave your guests speechless and sharing photos of your event all over their social media.

Discover all our elements and create a bohemian, romantic, modern, boho, ethnic or industrial space. Our ability to decorate has no limits. Put us to the test!

Starting with our incredible and resistant natural teak tables, they are ideal for outdoor lunches. Reddish in color, you can select them with a round or rectangular shape. With a capacity of eleven diners, there’s room for everyone!

And right next to them, an amazing dance floor totally customized for your event, made of wood and measuring forty square meters. Your guests will be delighted and won’t be able to resist having a dance.

You’re thirsty? It’s time to hydrate! Serve a wide range of cocktails and drinks at our incredible bar counter. It’s a great option for your most exclusive meetings. Position it strategically near a dance floor and request it totally customized. Our XXL LOVE letters can be an essential addition to your engagement or wedding. We want to make your wedding unforgettable, not only for your guests but also for you. These letters measure two meters high by six meters wide. Place them near a wooded area or near the dance floor or cocktail area. You have endless possibilities!

In addition to shade sails for rent, we also have other structures

If you’ve been wanting more, you can choose between our teepee structure or our square canopy, depending on whether you are looking for a more magical fairytale atmosphere or a more elegant atmosphere for the occasion. Or if you want, you can combine our shade sails with our boat sail structures, to give you that magical nautical touch you were looking for. Thanks to our strategically placed lighting, you will feel the magic in every corner of your event. A memory to never forget. What are you waiting for to start building your party, beginning with even the smallest detail?

Kokko Eventos

Trust us with your shade sail rental. As always at Kokko Eventos, we take care of the assembly of all our tents, structures and awnings, with our team of professionals who carry out their work safely to avoid any type of complication. If you are interested in renting shade sails for your wedding, company event or sports event, please call us. Located in the town of Tarifa, we work in cities such as Seville, Malaga and the entire province of Cádiz.

Do you have questions? Contact us free of obligation and tell us about your project. We have an ample catalog perfect for any event. We adapt to your needs and offer a wide array of options.

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