We offer the most complete rental options for organic stretch tents on the market, suitable for weddings and events. Flexible and customizable to cover irregular spaces, they will adapt to any type of terrain you may need since their applications are nearly endless.

If you are looking for the perfect combination of elegance and boho style, you will undoubtedly fall in love with our organic stretch tents from Kokko Eventos. They are the perfect structure for that special day that you are planning.

They are unique tents in Spain, made with handmade materials and with an oval shape that creates incredible environments. They are ideal for any type of celebration where even the smallest details are crucial.

How are our models of stretch tents?

Our history and extensive experience guarantee a job well done. Our models of stretch tents are resistant to rain and also offer the possibility of adding completely transparent walls, so that they can be used both in summer and winter seasons. The masts can be made of wood or aluminum, offering an entrance height of 3.5 meters and a maximum central height of 6 meters. They also cover an average of 80 square meters to 1,400 square meters, offering the possibility to cover an event of great magnitude. Thanks to their original shape and structure, they are your best choice of tents for parties or lounge events. Your guests will always remember the wonderful time they enjoyed.

Made with the best organic materials

The structure is made up of wooden support masts that provide a more natural style, while maintaining a sophisticated touch of elegance thanks to its raw white colors and visible golden thread seams. Since these tents are made by hand with 100% organic materials, they give off a bohemian vibe perfect for events in green or forested surroundings. They can also be combined with different types of decoration, always depending on the type of celebration and of course our clients’ taste.

We design the tensioned structure to your liking

Our organic stretch tents do not have fixed walls, but we have a very practical option at your disposal, which is that we can close areas using the same canvas, creating very smooth and elegant lines. We can close as many parts as you need or even leave some or all of the walls lowered to half-height to protect from wind and rain, without sacrificing views of the surroundings where your event takes place.

Do not leave your structure bare and empty, complete it with our lighting rental for any tent or our complete decoration rental. With Kokko Eventos you won’t miss out on anything. Do you have doubts about the layout? We will provide you with all the necessary proposals for your celebration to be a success.

Can they be used for celebrations in the middle of summer?

Of course! We work to offer a complete catalog so that you can select the organic tent that is right for you at any time of year. All the best benefits in order to achieve your expectations. Given the thickness and weight of the canvas material, the tent provides completely opaque shade. Your guests will enjoy a very cool shade that can be up to 10ºC lower inside the tent than compared to outside. Don’t let the heat ruin your party!

Find the stretch tents you are looking for; 100% Organic.

We don’t want you to settle for renting an organic stretch tent that you don’t truly need. That is why we want you to get to know all of our tents first. Not only do we have stretch tents for your event, but you can also take a look at our bamboo tent structures on our website . Create the most elegant atmosphere in the space of your choice. With this structure, you can easily mount as many as you want to cover a bigger space, if you are planning to hold a large event.

A cocktail hour or company dinner? Our shade sails are the ideal structure to protect such a gathering. They are perfect for providing shade, and thanks to their endless possibilities, they can be mounted using trees and columns. Thanks to their original shape, you can create very creative and unique structures. Your guests will be speechless!

If instead you are looking to create a more romantic and intimate atmosphere, then choose our hexagonal tent rental. This is a great alternative to cover spaces of any kind; green spaces, events on the beach, celebrations on terraces. This tent is perfect to combine with our decoration rental, among which our dance floor and our bar counter stand out. Fully customizable so your event is exclusive and special.

And last but not least, our Bedouin tent or stretch tent. It stands out thanks to its great elasticity and flexibility, allowing it to adapt to whichever way you prefer. With multiple options, great durability and protection against inclement weather, they can surely be considered one of your best options. They have the ability to withstand wind conditions of up to 100 km/h, as well as water and UV rays. And, all our stretch tents are 100% safe and 100% waterproof.


We love an all-inclusive hotel. Who doesn’t? At Kokko Eventos we want to offer you the best experience with your organic tent rental. We seek the full satisfaction of our customers and maximum security in everything we do. Therefore, the installation will always be carried out by our expert assembly team, ensuring a perfectly executed job, always keeping safety in mind and avoiding any type of inconvenience during your event.

At Kokko Eventos we have the perfect solution for your wedding or event to achieve the atmosphere you are searching for and the party of your dreams. We are professionals both in tent rentals and in the rental of decorative elements for celebrations.

Do you have questions? Contact us free of obligation and tell us about your project. We have an ample catalog perfect for any event. We adapt to your needs and offer a wide array of options.

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