It’s not a movie theater without good popcorn, right? Well, the same is true for your event. It won’t be a celebration to remember without having a spectacular dance floor. It’s the first thing you think of when you’re looking for something fun for your guests. Everyone will be surprised and without a doubt, will take to the floor to dance until they drop. At Kokko eventos we have a dance floor rental service that will never cease to surprise you.

How can you celebrate a party without a dance floor? Dance floor rental in Andalusia.

We study the area of ​​your event and design the perfect location for each of the elements you want to include, everything well-organized and harmonious. Combine your dance floor with our teepee structure or our bar counter, since these three elements will be key to making your event unforgettable.

And be sure to visit our tent section, where you can find the best selection of tents to place on your dance floor. From stretch tents to organic tents, don’t forget about our shade sails, or our bamboo and hexagonal structures.

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For example, our stretch tents are ideal for events in outdoor areas such as gardens, esplanades, fields or beaches. Choose them for your wedding, music festival, sporting event or business event. Ask us about our wide variety of sizes and models. We’ll consult you in a personalized way, always focusing on your preferences and tastes.

And to finish off with the best. At Kokko Eventos, we design and assemble your dance floor while maintaining the aesthetics of all the other elements that make up your event. There are no limits for us!