In the business world, events are an extremely useful way to present or promote products, services and even brands. In this way, relationships can be strengthened with potential or current clients, both in person and in the future, generating loyalty with respect to other market competitors.

And what better to carry out an original and unique corporate event than by renting a tent? 

At Kokko Eventos, we take care of 100% of your event planning. Our corporate events are fully adapted to each and every one of your needs. Your company can sponsor the event, or it can refrain from having any direct participation.

What is a corporate event?

The best way to explain it is as follows: it is an event that brings together people and professionals who share common interests in the same organization, whether it is company employees, customers, suppliers, alliances, partners, etc.

The objective of a corporate event can vary. It can be to present next year’s news, such as success stories, an awards ceremony or simply a conference or get-together that is held annually.

At Kokko Eventos our goal is for you to not have to worry about anything. Our team of professionals will be in charge of studying the terrain, the type of tents you will need, the lighting necessary for your event to truly stand out and exclusive decoration, always in accordance with the objective of your event. We are prepared for all of that and much more!

It’s the push your product or company needs!

Types of events

As we mentioned before, the event can be of any kind. We take care to adapt the venue depending on your requirements and input. For example, corporate events can be conferences, which are held in a more formal manner and in which attendees are invited to interact with the speakers. Meetings of large, medium and small companies can be to discuss potential opportunities, challenges or simply to celebrate a special occasion. Press conferences are another type of event we must also consider, in which a representative of the company is in charge of the conference and will answer questions from various media.

Without a doubt, our favorite type of event are gala dinners. That’s because they inspire us to use all means necessary and that are within our reach to craft the best gala ever. Being such a formal affair, the decoration, the menu and the lighting are key considerations for the success of the event, without forgetting important points such as the layout of tables, music and furniture.

Benefits of a corporate event

It is important to consider that a corporate event translates directly into good marketing and an effective communication strategy for the future. A corporate event can generate multiple benefits, among which stands out, for example, maintaining the loyalty of current clients of a company, while at the same time gaining new clients and establishing new alliances. Perhaps most important of all, a corporate event generates content for your brand.

If, on the other hand, the goal of your event is not to raise brand awareness in the media but rather to hold a special employee meeting, the benefits are also clear. Having a corporate event of this type will create stronger ties between attendees, a disconnect from the work environment and the opportunity to meet co-workers. This has a positive influence on the professional development of employees, allowing them to grow and improve in the workplace, in part due to the experiences lived in these kinds of meetings.

Make your event a success

The Kokko Eventos team will move mountains to make your event a success, but having some clear ideas and objectives is the best strategy in order to achieve this. For example, choose the date well. It seems like a simpler choice than it really is. Try to have a clear date before starting to organize your corporate event. The venue where the meeting will take place is also of vital importance so that we can offer you the best resources. This also determines whether we recommend one type of tent or another, a simpler type of lighting or something much more creative if the venue offers distinct elements such as trees or a pool.

Everything matters. Now that you are clear about the date and place, you must define the number of people who will attend. This way, we can organize the space optimally and efficiently, offering you the correct furniture solution, adding different types of decoration and always respecting the main theme of the event.

Do you want a more relaxed event? In our catalog you will find the perfect bamboo structures to give that natural and informal touch you are looking for. And don’t forget our bamboo panels to decorate different areas! Or is it a more formal celebration? Then you can count on our staff who will organize even the smallest detail in an elegant and professional way.

What can we do for you?

At Kokko Eventos, we believe that a corporate event requires special care, precisely because the impression it leaves on your guests will be essential for future business relationships, and to create a brand image associated with the excellent execution of projects. We are professional planners of corporate events. We provide all the necessary elements for an unforgettable evening and an event at the level your brand deserves. Our team of professionals will take care of everything. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is telling us your idea, and we will work to translate it diligently down to the smallest detail.

Different styles of furniture, lighting for every occasion, various models of tents and structures to install at your venue. We work all over Andalusia, our home territory, where we know all of its special corners to be able to offer you the most special locations that will leave your guests, clients or employees speechless.

If you want us to organize your corporate event, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us, tell us what you like, and leave the rest in our hands.