Is the first thing you thought of a pirate ship? We are not talking about a ship belonging to a gang of pirates that has just stolen treasure and is hoisting its sails to make a daring escape. Nothing could be further from what we have in mind.

At Kokko Eventos we truly strive to make your events like a personal story. A story to never forget. For this reason, we have put together a comprehensive catalog so that everything you have imagined becomes a reality. Your amazement will always be our goal.

Wind in their sails…

Get to know our spectacular boat sail structures, ideal if you’re looking for a unique and exclusive aesthetic for your special day. Perfect for demarcating large spaces and creating warm and indirect lighting.

Our lighting catalog is so varied that you’ll find everything from chandelier lamps, to perimeter aerial lighting, to glass garland and hanging details.

Our boat sails consist of meters-wide panels with bamboo masts. Their fabric is white and with a light texture, which allows us to combine them beautifully with surrounding lights.

With the right lighting and décor, you’ll have an incredible setting for your gathering. No one will want to go home.