Learn more about our incredible Bedouin tent

They stand out for their great elasticity and flexibility. Thanks to these special properties, they can be adapted to the shape you need and create an amazing atmosphere with multiple options. In addition, they offer fantastic durability and protection against inclement weather such as rain, wind, etc.

At Kokko Eventos, we take advantage of our Bedouin tents to achieve a truly original effect. And remember that adding our lighting will make your event shine like no other.

Our team of professionals will take care of the transfer, assembly and storage of the tents so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying yourself with your guests.

What is the origin of the name Bedouin Stretch Tent?

Bedouin Stretch Tents are inspired by the tents used by Bedouins in northern Africa and the Middle East. But who were the Bedouins?

History tells us that they were nomadic travelers who inhabited the desert and traditionally lived by selling camels. Great sandstorms were a constant threat and for that reason, they used these tents to take refuge. In addition, these tents protected them from the high temperatures of their surroundings. And did you know that they were originally made of goat and camel skin? Surprisingly effective!

Our Bedouin Stretch Tent Model

Our complete model of Bedouin Stretch Tent has a height between 3.5 meters up to 6 meters, offering you a variety of final finishes and various mounting options.

Organize your wedding, music festival, sports or company event with us. Remember that we have a wide variety of models and sizes. Consult with us and we will advise you on the option that best suits your needs, with no obligation.

Why Choose Bedouin Stretch Tents?

Apart from their infinite possibilities, our Bedouin Stretch Tent model has the ability to withstand wind conditions up to 100 km/h, as well as rain and UV rays. Our tensioned tents are 100% safe and 100% waterproof.  

Your event is guaranteed to be a success. Elegant and practical, they are ideal for holding events in outdoor areas such as esplanades, fields, beaches or gardens… You can place them wherever you desire!

Make your event shine like no other

Any event can truly stand out thanks to the planning and design of its lighting. It is not simply putting a light here or there or trying to take advantage of the natural lighting of the environment. Rather, we believe you have to choose something more special that will be memorable for your guests. And we are experts in making your dreams a reality thanks to our lighting rental.

Our passion is making you fall in love with your event venue. That is why we study each case in a personalized way to achieve your maximum satisfaction.

Explore our wide catalog of lighting, where you will discover that our LED or light bulb umbrellas may be your best option to simply and elegantly illuminate yours tents. We take care of setting up the perfect lighting for both dinner and dancing, so that your guests can enjoy each area of ​​your party. We create romantic and sophisticated environments for your dream wedding. And with our perimeter aerial lighting, nighttime will be the perfect setting for your event.

Complete your event with our furniture and decoration for Bedouin Stretch tents

Do not forget to take advantage of our wide repertoire of furniture and decoration for whatever occasion you’re looking to create. Our 360º planning service will cover each and every one of your needs, and we are 100% sure that our clients will want to repeat with us. The perfect event setting exists, and we want to create it for you and yours.

Furniture is an essential piece for your event. You have the luxury of choosing from nearly infinite styles designed exclusively for events of all kinds, large, small and adapted to any budget, and all without sacrificing exquisite taste.

If you are organizing an event in a natural setting or with a rustic style, then our bamboo furniture is your winning bet. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a bold, unique style that stands out, then our Kenya furniture will clearly meet your objective. Perhaps something more minimalist? More neutral and elegant? Then choose our Casa Blanca style furniture.

And we’ve saved the best part for last

Our complete range of decoration, with options for all tastes, from a vintage-style bar counter, to give your guests a good dose of fun, to a dance floor for the more energetic.

There are no limits for us. Give your guests a break after hours of dancing. Our bar counter and dance floor are favorites among our clients. And our teepee structures combined with perimeter lighting will transport you without moving a millimeter.

Do you prefer a more elegant or perhaps more intimate structure?

Our square structure rentals are a clear choice. They are perfect for differentiating separate areas of your event venue. An exquisite and elegant environment. Do you feel that your event should be more nautical? Then our boat sail structures will be sure to enchant you. They are splendid structures that simulate the sails of a ship and are ideal for generating smaller areas in a very large space, but in an unconventional way. Or our XXL letters that form the word LOVE to celebrate your union in style. Place them at the entrance of your event or near a cocktail area. And if you will be serving a menu to your guests, choose to do it on the best wooden tables, made of natural teak that is ideal for outdoor use. They are also waterproof and exceptionally durable.

At Kokko Eventos we work exclusively with the best quality tents and with the best team of professionals to ensure that your celebration is unbeatable.

Do you have questions? Contact us free of obligation and tell us about your project. We have an ample catalog perfect for any event. We adapt to your needs and offer a wide array of options.

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